Eye-tem Cards

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Still, I made it look nice because I was expecting you.

Herr Antonius's Suite

+ Operating table
+ Hanging cage
+ St. Andrew's Cross
+ Cooling box (contains blood)

+ Kina's tongue
+ A single fleshcleaning ooze
+ Curios & specimens for display
+ Horrible paintings
+ Liquor cabinet
+ Smoking chairs
+ Desk
+ Slave paraphernalia (locked away)--collars, cuffs, etc.
+ BIG medicine cabinet (prepared)
+ Potions

Herr Antonius's Laboratory

+ Operating table
+ Cages
+ Containment tubes
+ Alchemical equipment

THE -- -

The Pentachoron

A peculiar pyramidal device that looks like it contains more dimensions than it should, etched with blazing geometries. It burns with the subtle but acrid odor of blood, oil and hellfire.

THE PENTACHORON is an artifact that was created by one of Hell's engineers and utilized by he and his legions to quickly access different parts of the belly of the planes for maintenance.

It is a device capable of duplicating a finite number of points in space to the current location surrounding the bearer at a radius of up to 50 feet, at a cost of blood and demon's ichor to power its infernal mechanisms. Those within the actual location so duplicated are capable of seeing and interacting with the wielder of the Pentachoron as if he were truly present, including harming or killing him.

The bearer must have either seen a location before, or have received an exceedingly detailed description of it, to summon it with the Pentachoron.

Acquiring the Pentachoron

Har is asked to acquire the Pentachoron for Herr Doktor Antonius as a sign of trustworthiness and good will.

According to one of the doctor's anonymous associates, the Pentachoron was lost in a war for the title of Naphula many turns ago. As so many demons possess portal magic or other forms of teleportation, its value did not outstrip the danger one would have to risk to retrieve it, and so it was therefore left to moulder in the ruins of the ravaged stronghold of the destroyed Duke in the foundations of Hell itself.

Herr Antonius, of course, has plans for it.

Scavenging the ruins of a foundry in Nessus, the deepest and least charted layer of Hell.

On the way:
Sentries from the palace of Asmodeus, Hellstorms, impenetrable darkness.

Collapsing structures, difficult terrain, war refuse (inactive explosives and sentient weapons,) malfunctioning mechanical equipment, mad (weakened) demons and withered lost souls abandoned in the bowels of the facility.


Don't drink this. You really won't like what happens. I promise. Trust me. I've done it. You don't want to make the same mistake I did. Sometimes I still remember that day.